How to Select the Right Crane for the Job

Cranes are designed to lift and move items from one point to another, but not all cranes perform the same operations. The key to completing your job safely, quickly, and efficiently is finding the right crane. Let's take a closer look at that now.

Finding a Crane for Your Application

1. Narrow Lifters

A narrow lifter is a platform that helps you reach areas that are high. If you need to attend to lighting or wiring issues in places with limited access, use a narrow lifter. Because it’s narrow in width, it fits into smaller spaces and gives you a secure platform to stand on.

A cantilever system is a better version of a narrow lifter. The only difference between the two is that the cantilever system comes with several safety features.

2. Floor Cranes

Floor cranes transport heavy objects like building materials. They’re perfect for lifting objects at construction sites. Floor cranes have hydraulic mechanisms and can move or store them without too much effort. You can lift items weighing up to 2000 kilos with a heavy duty floor crane.

3. Mini Crawler Cranes

If you want to construct a small shed, install windows or move a swimming pool, a mini crawler crane may be a good option. These cranes are compact. They fit through narrow door openings and help you do the job, safely and accurately. You can also use them with a glass handling attachment to lift and transport glass safely.

4. Tower Cranes

If you’ve ever passed by a building construction site, you’ve probably seen a tower crane. These cranes reach a height of approximately 265 meters and they generally have a maximum reach of 70 meters.

The crane comprises of three parts; the base, the tower, and the slewing unit. Since these cranes can lift a maximum load of 18 metric tonnes, they're the perfect option for lifting all types of building materials.

5. Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are also known as portal cranes. They lift very heavy loads and they’re perfect for loading and unloading shipping containers.

The term gantry crane is also used to describe overhead cranes. You will have to fix these overhead cranes to the wall or the ceiling to perform operations. They come with a movable hoist.

Each crane performs different functions and has its own benefits. Review your requirements and the work environment before making a choice. 

Crane Rental in Sutherland and Beyond

If you’re looking for cranes for hire in Sydney, visit St. George Cranes. With more than 25 years of industry experience, we can find the perfect machine for your projects quickly.

We have a wide selection of mobile cranes, ranging from 3 to 300 tonnes and they are all safe and reliable.

   Whether you need tower cranes or tight access cranes, give us a call on 02 9546 6680. We’ll help you find the right crane for your application.

Date posted: 2017-01-12 | posted by: stgeorgec

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